This was the beginning of strip hardwood flooring


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This was the beginning of strip hardwood flooring. Only the wealthiest people could afford solid-plank floors because they were handcrafted and very expensive. Wood flooring was first recognized as a design/décor element in 1683, when it was used in the Palace of Versailles.

Hardwood flooring is health- and environment-friendly. Hardwood flooring adds to the value of both new and resale homes. Hardwood is durable and is considered an investment — hardwood floors literally last for decades or generations.

Natural hardwoods warm quickly and are cozy for bare feet because they conduct heat more efficiently than thick, padded carpets. A series of controls then pumps the heated water through a tubing network that is installed in the subfloor. The cherry floors and radiant heating system were chosen for the new great room, kitchen, dining room and office in the colonial-style home in Asbury, NJ. York believes the choice will boost her home's resale value.

That means you can enjoy the natural beauty of oak, ash, cherry, maple, hickory, walnut and other fine hardwoods and the comfort and efficiency of radiant heating. Thanks to advances in the heated floor industry, you can install hardwood floors over radiant heat - with confidence. Court sides in favour of the defendants - chalk one up for the consumer and radiant heating under hardwood floors...

It is 12 percent harder than red oak, and people use it on gym floors or bowling alleys, etc. It is relatively inexpensive, but, in the long run, it's better to use solid wood with a 3/4" wear layer that can be sanded down and refinished later on if there is damage. A product rating system makes it easy to select the perfect hardwood.

A new TORLYS hardwood floor not only captures the beauty of natural wood, it's also gap, cup and dent resistant.